About Us

DEXERmedical is a family owned company that was founded in January 2021. We specialise in the design, manufacturing and distribution of surgical instruments. World renowned plastic surgeon Jerome Stevens, MD, PhD founded the company and is its Chief Product Officer. He has well over two decades of experience in the field as a user. He went on to do design for several major companies as a senior consultant. His son, Maxim Stevens, who finished his Master’s in Commercial Law, is the Co-Founder and CEO.

We have been working closely with top-end manufacturing partners in order to reach our goals. Our shared mission is to bring the finest surgical instruments at the disposal of surgeons. This allows them to deliver their message. Not to just ‘get the job done’, but also enabling them to add value to the patient experience through the concept of the instruments. Located in Berkel en Rodenrijs, our Dutch distributor is EmdaPlast. Our Belgian distributor is Motiva Benelux, situated near Antwerp.

We maximize patient safety by having complete & ready-to-use KITs available. All of the KITs have been compiled by the finest in the business in order for the surgeons to be able to focus on what is most important: the patient. Find them here. Our aim is to minimize the use of paper & time spent on doing ‘paperwork’ in the meantime. Also, this will enable medical staff to have more time on hands to stand along the bed! Therefore, we always work by our slogan:

Maximizing Patient Safety. Minimizing Paperwork.

The core values our company thrives on also come back on the use of online tutorials, a webshop for both customers and distribution partners and a fully digitized Post Market Surveillance. We are ready for the future. Are you? Reach us here.

Meet our Team

Jeroen Stevens

Founder / Chief Product Officer

Maxim Stevens

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Alex Moonen

Operations & Finance